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Looking at the highs and lows of Punternet

Punternet is just about the biggest website online for the escort industry. It is an immense resource for anyone interested in the escort industry and has a huge forum where people gather to compare notes and discuss the ins and outs of the escorting world. GFP have always been a huge fan of the guys over at Punternet and feel they are doing an excellent job for the industry. They sail extremely close to the wind and have attracted attention from MPs deploring them for being prop prostitution. This can be considered the case by some people wishing to take some kind of moral high ground. But at the end of the day prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and will always be around. The main thing is to contain it and make it safe and healthy for the individuals involved.

This is where Punternet provide a valuable service by providing a resource of information for both potential clients and for escorts themselves.

If you are looking to discuss escorts and compare notes with other like minded 'punters', then Punternet is an excellent place to meet people that are in the same industry. Girls From Paradise have many favourable reviews for our girls on Punternet and if you take a trip over there you will see that all of the reviews our girls have on Punternet are from people that have had n extra special time with one of our beautiful ladies.

We sincerely hope that Punternet will remain at the forefront of the escort industry and will not be targeted by the moral powers that be. They provide an excellent service for the industry and we hope that long may it continue. Viva La Punternet!