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Please complete this form to the fullest, and please remember to attach as many as four recent pictures of yourself. If we consider you to be a suitable GirlsfromParadise girl, a personal interview may also be requested.

If you think you have what it takes that is drop dead gorgeous looks, intelligence, sophistication, class and style then please apply to the girls from paradise London escort agency employment form.

Although it can be very demanding, a place within the escorting profession can also be very rewarding and profitable. But have you got what it takes?

First of all, you really need to be female. Guys can work as escorts too, but the market isn't as big and Girls from Paradise of London escorts exclusively represents sexy female escorts. You also need to be drop-dead gorgeous. Although there are plenty of average-looking escorts working out there, top-end London escort agencies such as girls from paradise London escort agency will only represent the most attractive blonde, brunette, Latin, black, redhead, European, American and oriental and Asian escorts.

When it comes be being a sexy model incall and outcall call-girl, looks are vital, equally vital is a warm, friendly, easygoing personality. Although, obviously, clients have certain expectations of what will happen during your private, intimate time together, you will probably find that a lot of the time, especially on longer bookings, your work as an escort involves doing exactly that - escorting clients to events or on nights out.

Equally, many VIP clients who find themselves in London on business, a long way from home, make a date with sexy, bisexual and busty escort girls simply for some companionship, as well as some sexy fun.

So, as you can see, it's important that you're patient, tolerant, friendly and that you have a good sense of humour. Here at girls from paradise London escorts we always think that the very best submissive and dominant London escort girls are those who can keep their sense of humour and fun even when they're feeling tired and down.

It's equally important that you can cope with the high-pressure lifestyle of being an escort girl for a major London agency. You'll find yourself dashing around London and beyond, trying to find out-of-the-way outcall locations and insinuating yourselves into hotels and guest houses. You'll need to be punctual, too - many of our VIP clients who book incalls and outcalls through us lead very high-pressure lives, and the last thing they need is to be stressed out by the lateness of their gorgeous London escort that they've booked for an evening's fun and relaxation in their hotel room.

In short, you pretty much need to be all things to all people to be an elite London female escort.

If you think you've got what it takes to be a GirlsfromParadise London escort, get in touch with us, via our employment page, today!

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If you want any part of your images to be edited or cropped please let us know in advance, but please note we cannot guarantee to do this work, neither can we be held liable for any consequences of any kind of your images being published on the girlsfromparadise.com website and if you send us your images, please only do so on the express condition that you agree to indemnify us against liability for any such consequences for each and every image that you send.

We recommended: Only send us your own images you are happy to have published publicly. Any editing or cropping you may want, please ensure you have that done prior to sending those images to us to guarantee that work is done to your satisfaction. We reserve the right to further crop, use or not use any images that you send. Your images will be removed from the site within 12 hours of receiving notification from you that you want your images removed.

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